Secrets and Lies

A text from an anonymous number promised work. The runners arrived at Infinity, some earlier than others. After some minor difficulty getting past the bouncers and small bribes to the elven bartender Sarissa they found their way to the blue conference room where they found MacCallister. The highly private room had precautions to prevent eavesdroppers in Astral, Cyber, or meat space.

MacCallister explained out the job for them. Lone Star was going to transfer the physical evidence stored in their building to Knight Errant’s Offices downtown some time in the next week. Ms. Johnson wanted the entire shipment destroyed, with as little publicity as possible, hopefully without anyone getting killed. They got paid 2000¥ each up front, and were promised 2000¥ more plus bonuses when the job was complete.

The runners decided to take a quick drive-by of the building where evidence was stored. Their vehicle licence was scanned as they crossed the evergreen bridge into Bellevue and they were never out of sight of a Knight Errant drone until they crossed back over the bridge. The evidence lockup had significant security (including magical security) and the runners didn’t stay long.

From Toro they learned that the Mon Hing restaurant in Renton was a popular hangout with both current and former Lone Star employees, so the next day after Hal got off work they headed over for lunch. Banshee managed to bribe a former Lone Star employee into giving up the names of a few of the people working down at the evidence lockup. They found the resume of one of the employees, David Dworetzky, and thanks to Laurent Nazaire were able to get a lead on at least some short term work. The set up a dinner meeting with David, who was very nervous abut getting fired once the evidence lockup gets shut down. He told the runners that the vehicle that would be used to transport the evidence was currently being serviced at Talbot Security Vehicles and that the delivery would likely ship out Monday morning after the Black Mariah vehicle was scheduled to be returned. In exchange the runners promised to put in a good word for him with the Atlantean Foundation.

After reconnecting with Deuce, Hal hacked into Talbot Security Vehicles and turned off the cameras and opened the gate. Twilight picked the lock to the garage, while Banshee‘s beast spirit concealed everyone while controlling the dogs. Things got pretty close, but Hal managed to crack the copy protection on the vehicle’s operating system before the dwarf mechanic woke up and discovered them. Back at Hal’s place Hal redesigned the operating system to redirect the vehicle through the Redmond barrens, as well as adding bugs to disable the panic button, GPS, and added a few commands to make his life easier later.

Sunday night the broke into Talbot’s again and replaced the vehicles operating system the one with Hal’s “Improvements”. They also carefully hid a disposable com link to get around the vehicles closed system. After ensuring the vehicle was sent off into Bellevue the team set up at their planned ambush spot under an overpass in Redmond. Unfortunatly the runners didn’t plan for the 405 Hellhounds who attacked the evidence shipment before it got to them. Hal was monitoring things using the Maraiah’s own sensors, but was slow to realize what was happening and by the time the runner’s were able to speed to the scene, the go-gangers has already successfully stopped the Lone Star vehicle and surrounded it.

The hellhounds had little defense against Banshee’s opening stunball and were neutralized in short order. The lone star employees faced with a superior military force and a vehicle unresponsive to their commands were convinced to surrender. They were dosed with some Lael that Rabbit was able to get for them and dropped off in front of a shelter in Redmond with no memory of the morning’s events.

The runners placed the RFID tag on the Mariah and parked it in the salvage yard and waited a safe distance away. A lone star crew arrived just as the vehicle was entering the crusher, to late to save it, but nothing drew their attention to the comet driving away.

A couple hours later the team got a call from MacCalister informing them that the job wasn’t done. Ms. Johnson has become aware that someone is attempting to sell a data chip that was supposed to be part of the shipment. Michael Cook, a corporate fixer for Ares Macrotechnology received an email offering to sell him the chip. Ms Johnson is confidant that the email will still be on the comlink, and hopes that might provide a clue to whoever is trying to sell it.

A Little legwork revealed that Mr. Cook spends most of his time on Ares corporate property, but that he will be attending a party that will be thrown on Scott Vickrey’s private Yacht. Many high powered corporate types are invited.

The Party is on Wednesday night (not friday) 2 days from the attack on the Lone Star Black Maraih.
Scott Vickrey works for Cross Applied Technologies
The party is being catered by Takuri’s
Security for the party is being Minuteman Security


The message from MacCallister said 7:45pm, top of the thirty-story Yojirushi building. The runners received a call from someone identifying itself as The Scion and sporting a matrix icon of a pharaoh with electron-gleaming bronze skin and a reptilian head. It told them that they were being hired for a hostile extraction of a young arcanoarchaeologist named Peter Acson, recently hired by Horizon. A banquet for new hires was being held in an adjacent building and The Scion wanted them to break in and pull Acson out of the party. The final condition was that the extraction had to begin exactly fifteen minutes from the start of the conversation.

The runners agreed to the job and, finding gear left on the roof by MacCallister, zip-lined over to the opposite balcony (leaving right after Hal triggered an alert in the Node controlling the lighting and cameras on the balcony outside the banquet hall). As they fought through security to get to Acson, Hal got knocked out by the Node’s spider and Gandalf caught some full-auto rounds from one of the security roto-drones. Deuce and Twilight managed to get Gandalf and Acson back to Hal’s car and made their escape. Then they split up with Deuce waiting with Acson and a critically-wounded Gandalf while Twilight went back for Hal. DocWagon picked up Gandalf, then Twilight picked up Deuce and the prisoner and heading to Deuce’s new apartment.

After a couple of hours, MacCallister contacted the team. Having heard about Gandalf’s situation, he asked if they wanted him to put them in touch with another Magician to help them finish the job. He put them in touch with Xocotzin. She joined them at Deuce’s apartment, and after a bit of interrogation discovered that Acson was The Scion. Having already spent his stipend from Horizon, Acson assured the runners that they would be able to collect a hefty finder’s fee from someone wanting to secure his services.

The group decided to go to both Moreau and Laurent Nazaire to see which would offer the best price. During the negotiation with Nazaire, Hal intercepted a commcall between the fixer and Acson. Acson was trying to sell the Thaljun Cordex to Nazaire. When they brought it up with Nazaire, the dwarf said he would only deal directly with Acson for the Cordex. Moreau offered them a better deal than Nazaire, but also had the same stance on the Cordex.

During the meeting with Moreau, Hal hacked Acson’s internal commlink and found his copy of the Cordex—a series of photographs of a physical book. After he made a copy, the team contacted Moreau about dealing with them directly for a copy of the Cordex. Since Moreau was only interested in the book, he agreed to pay them the agreed-upon fee for the copy. However, once they got to the meet, they were ambushed by a Horizon strike team. They managed to fight them off and clear the scene before reinforcements arrived. Then they set up another meet with Moreau and managed to make the exchange, and finally set up a meet with Nazaire to exchange Acson for another payday.

Hiding in the Dark
Another run in with the law

The runners were contacted by Tosh Athack for another job. ADA Dana Oaks has found another target—a drug and gun dealer known only as “Junior.” Knight Errant has identified a few addresses at which they suspect Junior of doing business, but their surveillance has not been able to catch sight of him. Providing little more than this list of addresses, Athack sent the runners off to find Junior.

Shortly after leaving the meeting, the runners were approached by NeoNET reporter Joe Martin. He asks them to act as confidential sources, providing any details, accounts, or video footage of their investigation in return for potential future favors. While meeting with Martin, they received a message from Athena Tatopoulos of KSAF offering the runners 1,000¥ each to provide any information to her instead of Martin.

After some dead ends, Athack called the team and tells them to come to a Downtown bar called Murhpy’s Law. They arrived to find a crime scene—the aftermath of a violent confrontation between the Mafia and the Yakuza. Using video footage of the incident, Hal managed to connect one of the Mafia soldiers to a place called Gravity Bar.

At the Gravity Bar, the team found a number of Mafia soldiers that appeared to be keeping an eye on them. When Deuce approached them about Junior, they told him that Junior was interested in meeting with his team and that they could find him in the Ork Underground. A quick bribe to the manager of the Gravity Bar got them into the Ork Underground, though they didn’t have any leads for tracking down Junior.

After an hour of fruitless searching, their old friend Pip showed up with news that someone named Johnny Torinni wanted to meet with them. Pip lead them to a bar/strip club called the Gold Mine, where they met Torinni. He promised to lead them to Junior and provide them with any information they wanted about him, but first he wanted them to do some favors. These favors turned out to be protecting a shipment of building materials heading for the Underground, delivering food and supplies to a homeless shelter in the Narrows, and breaking up a Bot’Kham protection racket.

After the team completed all his tasks, Torinni revealed that he was Junior. He negotiated with the runners to allow him to fake Junior’s death, so that they could collect some money on the bounty while leaving Torinni to his humanitarian efforts in the Underground. ADA Oaks was not happy with the team for bringing back a corpse, but Athack was fine with the result. The team also worked with Torinni to set up video footage and other evidence of Knight Errant hiring shadowrunners to track down a criminal and execute him. They sold this evidence to Athena Tatoupolos of KSAF.

Back in Business
It's a simple job, to find a missing girl.

The runners are hired to track down Dr. Fiona Craig, an Arcanoarchaeologist specializing in pre-Awakening magical artifacts. She disappeared shortly after arriving in Seattle from a dig in Greece. Her father contacted MacCallister to help find the missing woman, who in turn reached out to the runners.

While on the trail, the runners were approached by Laurent Nazaire who offered them a reward if they find the artifact Dr. Craig found in Greece and turn it over to them. They were also approached by Tosh Athack, who offered them a reward on behalf of Dana Oaks for assisting Knight Errant to arrest Jack Turner.

After tracking down Fiona’s hotel, the runners found a note indicating that she had a meet with Captain Jack Turner around the time she disappeared. They tracked down Turner’s location to an area of The Ork Underground called the Pirate’s Cove. The dealt with his bodyguards and recovered both Fiona and the Morel Stone. The team also accepted Turner’s payoff and let him escape rather than turning him over to Knight Errant.


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