Back in Business

It's a simple job, to find a missing girl.

The runners are hired to track down Dr. Fiona Craig, an Arcanoarchaeologist specializing in pre-Awakening magical artifacts. She disappeared shortly after arriving in Seattle from a dig in Greece. Her father contacted MacCallister to help find the missing woman, who in turn reached out to the runners.

While on the trail, the runners were approached by Laurent Nazaire who offered them a reward if they find the artifact Dr. Craig found in Greece and turn it over to them. They were also approached by Tosh Athack, who offered them a reward on behalf of Dana Oaks for assisting Knight Errant to arrest Jack Turner.

After tracking down Fiona’s hotel, the runners found a note indicating that she had a meet with Captain Jack Turner around the time she disappeared. They tracked down Turner’s location to an area of The Ork Underground called the Pirate’s Cove. The dealt with his bodyguards and recovered both Fiona and the Morel Stone. The team also accepted Turner’s payoff and let him escape rather than turning him over to Knight Errant.


Mechanical Rewards
7 Karma
8020¥ (Including Money for selling loot, but not subtracting for expenses like 50¥ for pip
+1 Street Cred (Total 2 with base Karma added)
+1 Reputation with ORC
+1 Reputation with Atlantean Foundation
-1 Reputation with City of Seattle
New Contact Laurent Nazaire (Loy 1, Con 5)
New Contact MacCallister (Fixer)(Loy 1, Con 5)
New Contact Moreau (Loy 1, Con 4)
Twilight and Deuce got several APDS heavy pistol rounds.

Back in Business

<deuce> March 1st, 2072 10:31
It has been several months since I’ve been in hiding. I’ve found a group of shadowrunners that haven’t gotten me killed yet. Also started to fill my comlink account with some needed resources to try and live in this drek-hole of a place. One of the team is a Russian girl that seems to know her way around weapons. She is very attractive… good mix for someone almost as deadly as me. I’m glad she’s on my side, but in this business you never know. There is a young Chinese boy, goes by ‘Hal’. He is a fraggin good decker, er I guess hacker. Whatever the frag they call themselves these days. Though I’m not quite sure why someone so young is getting mixed up with people like me. We’ll see if he makes it. The last goes by the name Gandalf. I chuckled when I heard it. Though its not any worse than Fastjack who always reminded me of a person with quick self gratification. Gandalf is of course, a spell slinger. I’ve never really trusted those types. But he does round the team out well. I’m sure I’ll be getting to know this motely crew even better in the coming months.

The pain is under control. I finally found a steady source of pills from a street doc named Rabbit. She’s pretty quirky, but I don’t give a drek as long as she gets me my stuff. Seattle feels different. Colder. More dark. Or maybe thats just me. Whatever – Duece Out<<

Back in Business
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