The message from MacCallister said 7:45pm, top of the thirty-story Yojirushi building. The runners received a call from someone identifying itself as The Scion and sporting a matrix icon of a pharaoh with electron-gleaming bronze skin and a reptilian head. It told them that they were being hired for a hostile extraction of a young arcanoarchaeologist named Peter Acson, recently hired by Horizon. A banquet for new hires was being held in an adjacent building and The Scion wanted them to break in and pull Acson out of the party. The final condition was that the extraction had to begin exactly fifteen minutes from the start of the conversation.

The runners agreed to the job and, finding gear left on the roof by MacCallister, zip-lined over to the opposite balcony (leaving right after Hal triggered an alert in the Node controlling the lighting and cameras on the balcony outside the banquet hall). As they fought through security to get to Acson, Hal got knocked out by the Node’s spider and Gandalf caught some full-auto rounds from one of the security roto-drones. Deuce and Twilight managed to get Gandalf and Acson back to Hal’s car and made their escape. Then they split up with Deuce waiting with Acson and a critically-wounded Gandalf while Twilight went back for Hal. DocWagon picked up Gandalf, then Twilight picked up Deuce and the prisoner and heading to Deuce’s new apartment.

After a couple of hours, MacCallister contacted the team. Having heard about Gandalf’s situation, he asked if they wanted him to put them in touch with another Magician to help them finish the job. He put them in touch with Xocotzin. She joined them at Deuce’s apartment, and after a bit of interrogation discovered that Acson was The Scion. Having already spent his stipend from Horizon, Acson assured the runners that they would be able to collect a hefty finder’s fee from someone wanting to secure his services.

The group decided to go to both Moreau and Laurent Nazaire to see which would offer the best price. During the negotiation with Nazaire, Hal intercepted a commcall between the fixer and Acson. Acson was trying to sell the Thaljun Cordex to Nazaire. When they brought it up with Nazaire, the dwarf said he would only deal directly with Acson for the Cordex. Moreau offered them a better deal than Nazaire, but also had the same stance on the Cordex.

During the meeting with Moreau, Hal hacked Acson’s internal commlink and found his copy of the Cordex—a series of photographs of a physical book. After he made a copy, the team contacted Moreau about dealing with them directly for a copy of the Cordex. Since Moreau was only interested in the book, he agreed to pay them the agreed-upon fee for the copy. However, once they got to the meet, they were ambushed by a Horizon strike team. They managed to fight them off and clear the scene before reinforcements arrived. Then they set up another meet with Moreau and managed to make the exchange, and finally set up a meet with Nazaire to exchange Acson for another payday.


JOURNALDEUCE – March 13, 2072 23:37
Well that drek didn’t go down well. Security on that extraction wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but when your decker goes lala and your magicman takes a dirt nap you can be sure the drek will hit the fan. And it did, but twilight and I were able to pull a rabbit out of our arse. I knew the kid Gandalf was too young to be doing this. Now we got him all fragged up and I’m sure he’ll be spending some time behind bars. Didn’t realize the kid had a SIN, if I knew that I would of kicked his ass earlier myself. You don’t do what we do with a SIN. Or correction, you don’t do it for long.

I gotta keep an eye on Hal and even Twilight. Though she looks like she can handle herself. Can’t help notice her ever-time she puts on that form fitting… uh nevermind. I’m old enough to be her father. We added a newcomer to our group. Xoctiaheklelahqueorpwqovennmolt I think her name was… or if you don’t want to sound like you got marbles in your mouth we call her Firefly. Fitting as she glows like a lightbulb. Weirdest thing I’ve seen, actually scratch that its completely normal compared to what I’ve seen. I couldn’t help smile every time I looked at her though. She kinda has that effect on people I guess. Anyway we got jacked when we tried to turn over our extraction for money. I don’t remember much other than having a few dozen bullets flatten against my skull. Looks like the kids were able to pull it off without me anyway. Mental note, when confronted with 4 people with automatic weapons a tree makes for poor cover. Live and learn. -Deuce out>>

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