Hiding in the Dark

Another run in with the law

The runners were contacted by Tosh Athack for another job. ADA Dana Oaks has found another target—a drug and gun dealer known only as “Junior.” Knight Errant has identified a few addresses at which they suspect Junior of doing business, but their surveillance has not been able to catch sight of him. Providing little more than this list of addresses, Athack sent the runners off to find Junior.

Shortly after leaving the meeting, the runners were approached by NeoNET reporter Joe Martin. He asks them to act as confidential sources, providing any details, accounts, or video footage of their investigation in return for potential future favors. While meeting with Martin, they received a message from Athena Tatopoulos of KSAF offering the runners 1,000¥ each to provide any information to her instead of Martin.

After some dead ends, Athack called the team and tells them to come to a Downtown bar called Murhpy’s Law. They arrived to find a crime scene—the aftermath of a violent confrontation between the Mafia and the Yakuza. Using video footage of the incident, Hal managed to connect one of the Mafia soldiers to a place called Gravity Bar.

At the Gravity Bar, the team found a number of Mafia soldiers that appeared to be keeping an eye on them. When Deuce approached them about Junior, they told him that Junior was interested in meeting with his team and that they could find him in the Ork Underground. A quick bribe to the manager of the Gravity Bar got them into the Ork Underground, though they didn’t have any leads for tracking down Junior.

After an hour of fruitless searching, their old friend Pip showed up with news that someone named Johnny Torinni wanted to meet with them. Pip lead them to a bar/strip club called the Gold Mine, where they met Torinni. He promised to lead them to Junior and provide them with any information they wanted about him, but first he wanted them to do some favors. These favors turned out to be protecting a shipment of building materials heading for the Underground, delivering food and supplies to a homeless shelter in the Narrows, and breaking up a Bot’Kham protection racket.

After the team completed all his tasks, Torinni revealed that he was Junior. He negotiated with the runners to allow him to fake Junior’s death, so that they could collect some money on the bounty while leaving Torinni to his humanitarian efforts in the Underground. ADA Oaks was not happy with the team for bringing back a corpse, but Athack was fine with the result. The team also worked with Torinni to set up video footage and other evidence of Knight Errant hiring shadowrunners to track down a criminal and execute him. They sold this evidence to Athena Tatoupolos of KSAF.


3500¥ in a certifiec credstik from ADA [[Dana Oaks]]
3000¥ from [[Junior]]/[[Johnny Torinni]]
1000¥ from [[Athena Tatopoulos]]
157¥ (Content Not Found: jon-deuce-spade_ & Content Not Found: alfred-hal-chan_) or 158¥ (Content Not Found: larisa-bannikov & Content Not Found: gandalf-risen)

-1 Rep for NewsNet
+1 Rep for KSAF
+2 Street Cred
6 Karma
New contacts

  • [[Tosh Athack]] – C2:L1
  • [[Athena Tatoupolos]] – C4:L1
  • [[Pip]] – C1:L1
Hiding in the Dark

JOURNALDEUCE – March 06, 2072 01:07
Never really thought I liked Orks. Though this Torinni fella seems to have a good side, but at what cost. Do I have a good side? Now that’s comical. Twilight has been calling me the ‘bad cop’. If she only knew… I’m glad she has the charisma to deal with some of these lowlifes. I’ve been feeling more and more violent recently. I let Twilight deal with Pip this time because I envisioned popping the kids head off and wearing it as a helmet. Sick I know… though I promise you it looked funnier in my head. Ork Kid Helmet, I crack myself up. I’m glad Hal has a car to drive us around, but when the kid drives he makes me nervous. Is it just me or do all teenagers drive like drek. Gandalf had a few neat tricks on our last run. I need to keep an eye on that guy. He doesn’t look like much, but I can tell you he’s a tough cookie.

Living in the burnt out parking garage is getting old. I’m starting to get lonely. All the vagrants seemed to move on, not sure why. Oh yes, i remember it was probably cuz I kicked in the teeth on that homeless guy that was trying to steel my boots. <chuckle to self> Guess he wasn’t expecting a chrome cyberfoot in his mouth. Then again I wasn’t expecting a homeless guys mouth wrapped around my foot. They all seemed to disappear after that. Go figure. Anyway my new place is in the Redmond Barrens. I know not much of an upgrade, but at least it has four walls, a floor, AND all of its ceiling. The landlord is a shady fellow. Goes by Jackie Shin, Triad chump for sure. Day 1 he puts a Ruger Superwarhawk against my head and threatens me. Until he looked down and saw my spurs tickling his throat. All I said was “You have a room for rent”, guess they they don’t speak english in these parts, but I see they speak “Go Frag Yourself”. So I ’parley’d’ with the natives as usual. Jackie gave me the keys and I got me a new pad. Bummer for me there is a BTL den right next door and BTL junkies coming in an out at all hours… hmmm maybe its more a bummer for them they got a half-cocked, psychotic, chrome head next door. We’ll see if I need to knock on their door to ‘borrow some sugar’. -Deuce out>>

Hiding in the Dark
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