Jon "Deuce" Spade

Yakuza Assassin


The bulky 200lb dark figure before you stands 6’2" tall, black hair with a hint of silver streaks frames his face and ties back into a small pony tail. Green emerald eyes glisten and almost glow from certain angles. A subtle scar runs from his forehead down through his right eye to his jawline. His nationality looks one of European. He wears a black duster that hides the fact that his right arm is entirely chrome if it wasn’t for the glint visible from his wrist and hand. His left hand is gloved and a tiny tattoo though indistinguishable on his wrist. A bulky dark maroon jacket underneath. Grey cargo pants and black combat boots finish up his ensemble. A flap of material cut out of the cargo pants barely covers a rectangular patch on his right thigh, where in certain light a glint of metal can be seen underneath.


Metatype : Human
Age : 47
Sex : Male
Height : 74 inches
Weight : Visually 200 lbs / actual 250 lbs
Lifestyle : Low (1 month)
Hasty Exit (fire escape 10th floor)
Rough Neighborhood (Redmond Barrens)
Trigger-Happy Landlord (Shi Long Cha – Old Chinaman – Chinese Triad)
Worse Neighbors (BTL Junkies)

Karma : 13
Street Cred : 4
Notoriety : 1
Public Awareness : 1
Composure : 5
Judge Intentions : 6
Lift/Carry : 12 (90 kg/60 kg)
Memory : 4
Nuyen : 8966


BOD : 4 (6)(9 cyberlimb only) +1 to dmg resist tests (toughness quality)
AGI : 5 (7)(9 cyberlimb only)
REA : 5 (7)
STR : 4 (6)(9 cyberlimb only)
CHA : 3
INT : 3
LOG : 2
WIL : 2
EDG : 2

Derived Attributes
Essence : 0.16
Initiative : 8 (10)
IP : 1 (3)
Physical Damage Track : 13
Stun Damage Track : 9

Knowledge Skills

Mafia : 6 [Politics] Pool: 9 (11)
Yakuza : 3 [Politics] Pool: 6 (8)


English : N Pool: 0
Italian : 3 Pool: 6
Japanese : 3 Pool: 6

Active Skills

Automatics : 6 [Submachine Guns] Pool: 13 (15)
Blades : 3 [Cyber-Implant Blades] Pool: 10 (12)
Con : 4 Pool: 5
Dodge : 4 [Ranged Combat] Pool: 11 (13)
Etiquette : 4 Pool: 5
Leadership : 4 Pool: 5
Negotiation : 4 Pool: 5
Pistols : 5 [Semi-Automatics] Pool: 12 (14)

Positive Qualities

Erased II : All SIN, criminal, and trace records of Deuce are erased from the matrix within 24 hours.
High Pain Tolerance III : Ignore 3 boxes of damage
Toughness : +1 body for damage resistance tests

Negative Qualities

Cyberpsychosis : -2 dice pool to social skills. Glitch results in violent behavior. Critical glitch go batshit.
Moderate Addiction to Hydromorphone : -4 willpower/body dice pool to resist craving
Hydromorphone (Extremely strong pain killer)

  • Duration : (6 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
  • Effect : High Pain Tolerance III
  • After Duration : -1 Reaction for same duration

Sensitive Neural Structure : -2 dice pool mod to resist damage from simsense
Uncommon Mild Allergy to BTL
Weak Immune System : -2 dice pool mod to resist disease & infection


Alpha Grade Datajack
Alpha Grade Cyberears Rating 1

  • Ear Recording Unit
  • Sound Link
  • Damper
  • Select Sound Filter Rating 1
  • Spatial Recognizer

Alpha Grade Cybereyes Basic System Rating 3

  • Eye Recording Unit
  • Image Link
  • Smartlink
  • Flare Compensation
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Thermographic Vision
  • Vision Magnification
  • Vision Enhancement Rating 2

Alpha Grade Obvious Full Arm (BOD 9, AGI 9, STR 9) (Right)

  • Customized Agility Rating 6
  • Customized Body Rating 6
  • Customized Strength Rating 6
  • Enhanced Agility Rating 3
  • Enhanced Body Rating 3
  • Enhanced Strength Rating 3
  • Spur
  • Auto-Injector (Reusable) Rating 6

Standard Grade Obvious Full Leg (BOD 9, AGI 9, STR 9) (Right)

  • Customized Agility Rating 6
  • Customized Body Rating 6
  • Customized Strength Rating 6
  • Enhanced Agility Rating 3
  • Enhanced Body Rating 3
  • Enhanced Strength Rating 3
  • Cyber Holster

Alpha Grade Wired Reflexes Rating 2
Alpha Grade Bone Lacing (Plastic)
Alpha Grade Dermal Plating Rating 1


Muscle Augmentation Rating 1 (1 STR)
Muscle Toner Rating 2 (
2 AGI)


Ares Viper Slivergun

  • Smartgun System
  • Sound Suppressor
    DV: 8P(f) AP: +5 RC: 0
    Ammo : Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) x150
    Ammo : Flechette Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x120
    Ammo : APDS (Heavy Pistols) x85

Ingram Smartgun X

  • Stock
  • Gas Vent 2
  • Smartgun System
  • Sound Suppressor
    DV: 5P AP: – RC: 2(3)
    Ammo : Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) x119
    Ammo : Explosive Rounds (Submachine Guns) x32

Plastic Bone Lacing
DV: 4P AP: – RC: 0
DV: 6P AP: – RC: 0
Unarmed Attack
DV: 3S AP: – RC: 0


Armor Jacket (8/6)
Form-Fitting Half-Body Suit (4/1)
Helmet (1/2)
Dermal Plating (1/1)
Total Armor: (14/10)

Other Gear

Comlink: Meta Link (1, 1, 1, 2)
+Vector Xim
Comlink: Sony Emperor (2, 4, 3, 3)
+Novatech Navi
Concealable Holster
Hydromorphone x 29 (Narcotic grade pain-killer)
Fake SIN (Mike Finnegan) Rating 3
Metal Restraints x2
Plastic Restraints x10
Spare Clip x20
Standard Rope (100 m)
Subvocal Microphone


+1 Rep with ORC
+1 Rep with Atlantean Foundation
+1 Rep with KSAF News Corp
+1 Rep with Tosh Athack (Knight Errant)
-1 Rep with City Government of Seattle
-1 Rep with NewsNet


Athena Tatopoulos (KSAF News) (4, 1)
Genji Hoshito (Yakuza Boss – Tokyo Japan) (6, 6)
Jenna (Fixer) (3, 1)
Laurent Nazaire (Fixer – Draco Foundation) (5, 1)
MacCallister (Fixer – Former Shadowrunner) (5, 1)
Moreau (Fixer – Atlantean Foundation)(4, 1)
Pip (Street Boy – Ork Underground) (1, 1)
Rabbit (Street Doc) (3, 2)
Tosh Athak (Street Cop – Knight Errant Special Crimes Taskforce) (2, 1)


Jon has been a critical “Asset” to the Yakuza over the last 10 years. They utilize him in many clandestine ultra secret wetwork operations, given his extensive modifications. It is unusual for a gaijin to raise to such ranks within the organization, but the natural Italian has a special place among the Yakuza Bosses in Japan for why is unknown. Prior to that there is little known about Jon and his whereabouts. He refuses to talk of any of it, and actually remembers little himself. There actually is zero record of his existence anywhere on the data nets or hard copy. For all intents and purposes Jon is a ghost in the system. His Yakuza caretakers call him “Asset”, though his friends (what few he has) call him ‘Deuce’. Some think this is because of his cold blooded style of leaving two bullets to the front temporal lobe of each of his targets. His so called ‘calling card’ If you need to make sure someone disappears call Deuce, and he’ll make sure to put two bullets in their head. The first one will cost you, the second one is free of charge.

Deuce is battle-hardened. He has seen the worst and darkest places this world has to offer. He is generally very quiet, though this is not a result of shyness, but he is continuously observing and calculating his next moves with a sharp killer instinct. Observing every individual, every tactical situation, determining exit points, weapon firing positions, and ultimately individual threat levels. Do not let your level rise in his eyes, for he will have no qualms about sending you to an early and probably well deserved grave. The severe pain he suffers from causes these tendencies to get even worse. Though when on his medication, he loosens up and has even been known to smile.

Recently Deuce has been forced to flee Japan as a job went horribly wrong. He left most of his possessions behind and fled to Seattle. His Yakuza Overlords telling him to lay low in North America. Thus the few contacts he was able to scrap up within the Seattle have helped him get by. Especially to cope with his addiction to pain meds. Deuce frequently has severe pain and immuno deficiency as a result of his extensive high-grade modifications. This along with years of unknown trauma, have caused him to be a bit of an enigma in social situations. He has been known to kill individuals for no cause other than ‘they were bothering me.’ This has caused Deuce trouble in the past and his coping with his mental instability still gets the best of him from time to time.

INCIDENT : Takeda Tobinashi assassination
SUSPECT : Unknown – Taken moments after assassination, during ensuing gun fight from SecCam01.
Takeda Tobinashi – Crippled from the neck down & on life support as a result of one bullet entering through his right temple, exiting through the rear skull cavity. Second grazing shot along his left temple left leaving superficial injury.

Toji Shengiku – Two shots, one through each left and right eyes, exiting rear skull cavity. Cause of death was instantaneous after first shot.

TCorp Security – 7 dead, 3 in critical condition.
Hkn camera 01

INCIDENT : Takeda Tobinashi assassination
SUSPECT : Unkown – Taken during suspects egress from lobby SecCam02.
Hkn camera 02

Jon "Deuce" Spade

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