Banshee's Journal

3/24/72: I received an anonymous message on my commlink for a meeting at a night club regarding a job. Fortunately, the club wasn’t too far from the monorail station so I didn’t have to wait for a bus or catch a cab. Despite a disapproving look at my working attire, the bouncer let me in the club. The meeting was in a very high security room, complete with a fairly serious ward that I had to force my way through. The other two members of the team were refreshingly free of metallic and genetically-manipulated implants that pollute the bodies of so many denizens of this city. I’m looking forward to seeing Twilight in action—I’ve never worked with an adept before and have long been curious about their abilities. There’s something unusual about Hal’s aura that I can’t figure out.

3/25/72: When I got into this business, I never thought to have a day like today. Commiserating with a disgruntled employee and offering a bribe is easy enough, but the rest was just frustrating and embarrassing. Trying to encourage romantic interest is not something I engage in often, and trying to do so using a commlink was completely foreign. Fortunately Twilight’s contact was able to come through with a job opportunity we could trade for information—I didn’t become a shadowrunner to pick up men.

addendum: After we got to the auto shop, Twilight and Hal called in an associate to provide extra firepower in case we run into any problems. I made the mistake of assensing him—the pervasiveness of the artificial parts in his body turned my stomach. How anyone would willingly do that to their own body is something I will never understand. The positive side is that he seems quite competent and I’m sure he’ll prove valuable in a fight. It’s a little strange that in all the hours we spent inside that service bay I felt more companionship with the two guard dogs my spirit ally had tamed than with any of my metahuman companions.

3/26/72: I’m not exactly sure why, but my new team and I spent nearly the entire day together while Hal worked on his computer stuff. I feel like I am adding very little to this job so far and look forward to proving myself in battle. Obviously legwork and planning are an important part of a successful run, they just aren’t my strong suit.

3/28/72: We broke into the auto shop again last night and Hal finished his preparations. Unfortunately, some go-gangers interfered with our carefully laid plans. Then again, their interruption did give me the opportunity to show my strengths to my new team so I can’t say that I’m disappointed. We got the people out of the vehicle and got it destroyed as planned, though it appears not all of the evidence was in the vehicle as we were led to believe. It looks like we are in for more social networking and legwork—this time with a corporate party hanging over our heads. Is it strange that in my mind’s eye that party is a sword and I am Damocles seated on a throne? To top it off, the party is on a boat so there’s a decent chance the social awkwardness will be compounded by an allergic reaction.

3/30/72: The party actually went better than I expected. After we tracked down the restaurant handling the catering, Deuce was able to work through a contact to get Twilight and Hal in as servers for the party. Because we were expecting security to be very tight, we didn’t want to risk Deuce’s implants or my active spell arousing suspicion. So we decided to sneak aboard after the yacht left the docks. Under the cover of an invisibility spell, I flew to the yacht a few hours before the party in the form of a pelican and stashed some gear for Deuce and myself in a lifeboat. Hal and Twilight passed security without problem, while Deuce and I were able to get on board (again as pelicans) and under the lifeboat to get our gear and dress as servers. Fortunately, a couple of invisibility spells were enough to fool the guard that heard us getting dressed. The opulence and wastefulness of the party was a little offensive, but the patrons fortunately paid little enough attention to us that no one noticed the two extra servers. Hal was able to get what we needed, and we all got off the boat in the same way we got on.

addendum: Deuce and I ended up spending a couple of hours waiting for the other two. I couldn’t resist asking about his implants. Hopefully he didn’t notice the revulsion on my face when we were talking about it—but maybe since he didn’t actually choose to have many of his implants meant he noticed but didn’t take offense. I probably broke an unwritten rule of Shadowrunning by asking about his past, but he answered easily enough. I should just be grateful for his competence and professionalism and keep those kinds of questions to myself.

3/31/72: We tracked down the hacker who sent the message trying to sell the device, but it turns out she was acting on behalf of someone else. Unfortunately, she tipped him off to our interest so he knows we’re tracking him down. It looks like it’s going to take a bit of work to get into the ACHE to retrieve the item we need to destroy.

4/1/72: I cannot believe that anyone actually chooses to live in the ACHE. The lingering aura of the atrocities committed there along with the hopelessness and despair of its current residents was a palpable force. The negative energy twisted the astral and seemed to fight against every spell I cast. Because my quickened spell was so weakened by this corruption, I used a shapechange spell to assume the form of a panther while we sought Loomis. Our success in finding Loomis and the chip was diminished for me by the fact that we had to spend the rest of the night inside. I didn’t even bother trying to sleep—it wouldn’t have been restful regardless and I don’t want to think about the effect that place might have had on my dreams. Twilight seemed to have come to the same conclusion. I would never have thought to have been so happy to see the streets of Seattle as I was when we finally escaped from the ACHE.

Banshee's Journal

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