Deuce's Journal

<deuce> – March – 31th, 2072 23:26
I lost my cool. I told myself I wouldn’t lose my cool. Though this punk hacker was between us and our goal. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to let her get away scottfree, given how much has gone wrong so far. Something came over me bad. Almost very bad. I snapped for a moment and the next thing I know her face is hamburger on my fist. I shoved a dose of Lael down her throat and left her on the bathroom floor. I’m sure the other kids thought Deuce has flipped out. I can’t remember the last time I hit a woman. Though to be honest I do remember the last time I shot one. Anyway… I reviewed the video log later and saw a slight glitch in the feed. I wonder what the drek that was. Also my wired diagnostics showed unusual increase of neural activity a fraction of a second before I made the poor girl my personal punching bag. I’ll have to keep an eye on this and talk to Rabbit when I get a chance. I hope I didn’t cause too much problem for Genji-san hackers from erasing my presence at the scene. Need to be more careful.

<deuce> – March – 26th, 2072 19:00
Well shit! I love it when a plan comes together… but IT NEVER DOES! The armored truck we were going to jack got jacked by some worthless go-gangers. Hal needed to do some fancy driving to get us going the opposite direction on the I405 to intercept. Good thing the kid thought of everything and put an RFID tag on the truck. Twilight and I dropped a couple as we fired out the windows. Our new friend, Banshee, did her hocus pocus and face melted most of the others. I’m really beginning to like her. After giving the truck crew alittle ‘forget-me-not’ we dumped them at a homeless shelter, and delivered our truck to a garbage compactor. Though looks like we missed something cuz our Johnson was not happy. Well jobs not done yet. -Deuce out>>

<deuce> – March 24th, 2072 13:08
Go figure. Last month I couldn’t find a job if my life depended on it. Now I’m double booked. Though I needed to take the priority job from my benefactor. Things went relatively smoothly. The target was at a she she Elven restaurant. no need to re-iterate the details, two bullets, Wong is dead. I didn’t get paid, but got a nice bottle of wine I enjoyed before contacting my team about the other job. Hal and Twilight got a job to destroy some Lone Star evidence that was being transported to our good friends at Knight Errant. Twilight and I provided ‘security’ while Hal rigged the armored truck for a future jacking. Looks like we picked up a new companion. She’s a big girl. Big as an Orc. Something is off about her, but I can’t place my finger on it. She’s another spell slinger. Hope she doesn’t get ventilated like our last one. So far she has proved to be very useful in keeping us concealed and charming some guard dogs. Wish I was that charming. ;-) -Deuce out>>

<deuce> – March 13, 2072 23:37
Well that drek didn’t go down well. Security on that extraction wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but when your decker goes lala and your magicman takes a dirt nap you can be sure the drek will hit the fan. And it did, but twilight and I were able to pull a rabbit out of our arse. I knew the kid Gandalf was too young to be doing this. Now we got him all fragged up and I’m sure he’ll be spending some time behind bars. Didn’t realize the kid had a SIN, if I knew that I would of kicked his ass earlier myself. You don’t do what we do with a SIN. Or correction, you don’t do it for long.

I gotta keep an eye on Hal and even Twilight. Though she looks like she can handle herself. Can’t help notice her ever-time she puts on that form fitting… uh nevermind. I’m old enough to be her father. We added a newcomer to our group. Xoctiaheklelahqueorpwqovennmolt I think her name was… or if you don’t want to sound like you got marbles in your mouth we call her Firefly. Fitting as she glows like a lightbulb. Weirdest thing I’ve seen, actually scratch that its completely normal compared to what I’ve seen. I couldn’t help smile every time I looked at her though. She kinda has that effect on people I guess. Anyway we got jacked when we tried to turn over our extraction for money. I don’t remember much other than having a few dozen bullets flatten against my skull. Looks like the kids were able to pull it off without me anyway. Mental note, when confronted with 4 people with automatic weapons a tree makes for poor cover. Live and learn. -Deuce out>>

<deuce> – March 06, 2072 01:07
Never really thought I liked Orks. Though this Torinni fella seems to have a good side, but at what cost. Do I have a good side? Now that’s comical. Twilight has been calling me the ‘bad cop’. If she only knew… I’m glad she has the charisma to deal with some of these lowlifes. I’ve been feeling more and more violent recently. I let Twilight deal with Pip this time because I envisioned popping the kids head off and wearing it as a helmet. Sick I know… though I promise you it looked funnier in my head. Ork Kid Helmet, I crack myself up. I’m glad Hal has a car to drive us around, but when the kid drives he makes me nervous. Is it just me or do all teenagers drive like drek. Gandalf had a few neat tricks on our last run. I need to keep an eye on that guy. He doesn’t look like much, but I can tell you he’s a tough cookie.

Living in the burnt out parking garage is getting old. I’m starting to get lonely. All the vagrants seemed to move on, not sure why. Oh yes, i remember it was probably cuz I kicked in the teeth on that homeless guy that was trying to steel my boots. <chuckle> Guess he wasn’t expecting a chrome cyberfoot in his mouth. Then again I wasn’t expecting a homeless guys mouth wrapped around my foot. They all seemed to disappear after that. Go figure. Anyway my new place is in the Redmond Barrens. I know not much of an upgrade, but at least it has four walls, a floor, AND all of its ceiling. The landlord is a shady fellow. Goes by Jackie Shin, Triad chump for sure. Day 1 he puts a Ruger Superwarhawk against my head and threatens me. Until he looked down and saw my spurs tickling his throat. All I said was “You have a room for rent”, guess they they don’t speak english in these parts, but I see they speak “Go Frag Yourself”. So I ’parley’d’ with the natives as usual. Jackie gave me the keys and I got me a new pad. Bummer for me there is a BTL den right next door and BTL junkies coming in an out at all hours… hmmm maybe its more a bummer for them they got a half-cocked, psychotic, chrome head next door. We’ll see if I need to knock on their door to ‘borrow some sugar’. -Deuce out>>

<deuce> March 1st, 2072 10:31
It has been several months since I’ve been in hiding. I’ve found a group of shadowrunners that haven’t gotten me killed yet. Also started to fill my comlink account with some needed resources to try and live in this drek-hole of a place. One of the team is a Russian girl that seems to know her way around weapons. She is very attractive… good mix for someone almost as deadly as me. I’m glad she’s on my side, but in this business you never know. There is a young Chinese boy, goes by ‘Hal’. He is a fraggin good decker, er I guess hacker. Whatever the frag they call themselves these days. Though I’m not quite sure why someone so young is getting mixed up with people like me. We’ll see if he makes it. The last goes by the name Gandalf. I chuckled when I heard it. Though its not any worse than Fastjack who always reminded me of a person with quick self gratification. Gandalf is of course, a spell slinger. I’ve never really trusted those types. But he does round the team out well. I’m sure I’ll be getting to know this motely crew even better in the coming months.

The pain is under control. I finally found a steady source of pills from a street doc named Rabbit. She’s pretty quirky, but I don’t give a drek as long as she gets me my stuff. Seattle feels different. Colder. More dark. Or maybe thats just me. Whatever – Duece Out<<

Deuce's Journal

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