Hal's Journal

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Hal的英文雜誌 (Hal’s English Journal)

February 25, 2072

>>Now that I am “working” with others and communication is very important, I have decided to keep a log (English only) to improve my vocabulary and sort out my thoughts on the life I have chosen for myself.

>>Have been running with Twilight and Gandalf for a while now. Both seem trustworthy but I am reluctant to tell them that my hacking and rigging abilities have nothing to do with the 便宜…cheap commlink I keep in public mode. In this line of work, it seems secrecy is default mode. Speaking of work, I need to head to the shop.

>>MacCallister contacted the three of us about a job. He reminds me of Harkness so my initial feeling is that I can trust him. There is another man at the meeting as well. He has fairly obvious cyberware and I can feel the wireless traffic when we are near one another physically. Note to self: Research hacking cyberware, smartlink, and smartguns as offensive tactic (/flag).

>>We were successful in our goals and earned the respect of the Ork Community. Ms. Craig was returned to her father and the stone was turned over to its new owner. Was confused that we did not cooperate with Knight Errant. I did not want to contradict my companions. Deuce is older and more experienced; I respect his opinions on such matters.

March 05, 2072

>>Our last job went well. It appears we impressed MacAllister, Moreau, and Laurent. The nuyen didn’t hurt, either. Am disappointed that my mechanical friends saw no use, especially after seeing what the drones in the warehouse were able to do. Fortunately, hacking the security system and disabling them was easy enough. Need to find a larger vehicle; those would have made for great spare parts.

>>I was surprised to hear from Knight Errant after disappointing them last time. I was humbled that they saw fit to offer us a second chance. We were also contacted by two reporters looking for information. I must admit, I immediately favored the one who contacted us via the Matrix for no reason other than it felt more natural than the awkward exchange on the street.

>>After fruitless attempts to gather information by speaking to others face-to-face, the data showed us the way. 共鳴, the resonance as they call it in English, will not lie if you know how to speak to it.

>>Once again, our mission took us where my drones could not follow. After observing Deuce’s smartlink/smartgun systems, and some quality time researching solutions to assist my companions outside of VR, I will make use of Pilot Programs to convert firearms into drones. This will make their use more natural for me.

March 12, 2072

>>We are driving to Deuce’s new abode in my Comet. I lost consciousness battling the spider. Gandalf is in the back of a DocWagon transport. Twilight and Deuce said he took a full-auto hit from the Nissans at the building. Mine was not effective at defending him as I was not there to control it. At least the Comet was of some use to them, although I may need to edit the RFID tags now. Fortunately, driving does not require my full attention and I can log my thoughts before we arrive at our destination.

>>MacCallister contacted us. We met at the top of a building where we received a call from The Scion. We had 15 minutes to decide whether to accept the job. There was no time to research the building where our target was. I barely had enough time to analyze the nodes before we had to act. I hacked the first node but not fast enough to avoid detection. I should not have been satisfied with threading my stealth up by only 1/3. I expected resistance but was not prepared for the spider who assaulted me. My 共鳴 spirit was there to protect me, but I should not have asked that it attack the spider, but instead wait to defend me. I was careless and as a result, left my companions at the mercy of the spider.

>>I also did not make proper use of my Daedalus 共鳴 spirit – my machine spirit. I should have asked that it run a Diagnostic on Deuce’s smartlinked weapon to assist him, or to run the Nissan instead of allowing it to run itself. It is unnatural to allow software to run my devices. They are an extension of me. However, I must adapt and edit my way of thinking. I must seek the advice of others like myself before<<<log closed>>>

>>Gandalf is in quite a bit of legal trouble. This only confirms that having a SIN is more trouble than it is worth. I wish that I could assist him in some way, but he is beyond my reach at this point. Any attempts to clear his name would most likely draw attention to me and to my companions. Assuming I survive long enough, I can help him someday.

>>Deuce’s abode is what one would expect from someone living in the shadows. If using his home as a safehouse for our guest results in his eviction, I will see what I can do to find him new and better housing via the Matrix. I set my Fly-Spy drone to check the building’s perimeter for unusual activity, especially armed response. I compile a Sleuth 共鳴 spirit to find information on our guest and the Scion but do not find much. MacCallister finds us someone to replace Gandalf and I Spoof my Comet’s RFID tag before picking her up. I am honest with her about what she is getting herself into. Her appearance is…unusual. She gives off light like a bank of monitors I used to see in old sci-fi sims.

>>Xocotzin, Firefly, as I dub her, proves to be very persuasive and our guest reveals that he arranged his own extraction. Deuce is not pleased and I am surprised that he did not kill or maim him. After our guest’s attempt to negotiate a deal with Nazaire using an internal commlink, I thought about it as well. I was fortunate to have my spirit with me. We could have lost a lot of nuyen.

>>Hacking our guest’s internal commlink was extremely satisfying. I wish I had been able to create a backdoor in his device, but brute forcing my way in was…exhilarating. The temptation to leave a databomb on the file was great. Nevertheless, the look on his face was a reward itself.

>>Our meet at the park was an ambush. The drones and the Comet were of great use in my hand and that of my machine spirit. However, the Doberman is more fragile than I thought. I must repair and improve it and the Nissan – make them better, faster, stronger (but for as little nuyen as possible).

>>Most importantly, it is time for me to seek out new knowledge in the Resonance if I wish to avoid a fate similar to that of Gandalf…

March 24, 2072

>>I spend the time following our last run working, repairing/upgrading my drones, and looking for others like me to explore the Resonance. After 3 days, I am able to find others who wish to Overclock. We are successful and a new world of possibilities is now open to me.

>>An anonymous message says there is work and to meet at Infinity. I coordinate with Twilight and we arrive 20 minutes early. The bouncers amuse themselves by belittling us. Some days I begin to understand Deuce’s rage more than others. I bribe the elven bartender to direct us to the meeting room. My level of discomfort grows exponentially when I realize there is a jammer preventing any wireless signals. I find that it is harder to pay attention without access to the Matrix than it is when I am connected. I would have agreed to anything to get out of that room sooner. I barely notice there is an unknown woman in the room with Twilight and me. Deuce is not there. There’s another 2,000 nuyen in my account – I don’t remember if I heard MacCallister mention that.

>>We spend too much time talking to others in meat space. We drive around the evidence building when I notice the security drones following us. We lose them but this could be an issue. I contact MacCallister about some accessories for the Comet to help us avoid detection. Having a common vehicle has its perks. In order to help us get information about our target, I contact a woman. I cannot imagine the F-2-F meet would go well. Perhaps I can delete all traces of the message, now that we have a lead. Banshee is the name of the woman we are running with. She seems competent, but what I know about magic would fit on a floppy disk (how’s that for obscure?).

>>We enter the security yard and realize the Mariah’s layout is not what I expected. I barely manage to crack the copy protection on the software and take it home to make it more “user friendly.” We go in another night closer to the big day and do what we need.

March 28, 2072

>>The morning of the job, I track the vehicle, but almost miss noticing the bloody go-gangers stopping our vehicle before it gets to the ambush point. I proceed to where the vehicle is, paying little regard to traffic laws, and Banshee drops a world of hurt on them. Subsequent discouragement methods are very effective. The rest of the job goes off without any major problems. Well, except the woman I contacted to get information wants to go out to eat. I don’t know what to do about that yet.

>>MacCallister contacts us not long after we think the job is done and lets us know some evidence is on the market. Fantastic. The guy we need data from is going to be on a boat. 狗屁.

March 30, 2072

>>We have spent what feels like weeks preparing to get on the boat. Time in the Matrix feels different when one is moving as fast as the data. Between our planning and Deuce’s contact, we are able to get on the boat with little difficulty.

>>As part of planning discussions, I let my companions know that I do not need my commlink to do what it is that I do. I had not planned on divulging this to them, but they have proven themselves to be trustworthy and the information was relevant to a possible plan. It is a relief not to have to hide this from them.

March 31, 2072

>>We track down a 新手 hacker in our quest to find the stolen item. I do not know why I did not hack her commlink. Perhaps some sort of subconcious professional courtesy? It was a 新手 error and she alerted the man we need. Now we need to infiltrate the ACHE to find this 混蛋. I foresee grave danger for all of us, especially if Twilight refuses to go.

April 1, 2072

>>Banshee and Twilight are not happy about entering the ACHE, but both agree we must enter to find Loomis. I come to understand that it attenuates their magic and sympathize. I imagine it must be as uncomfortable as entering a zone with no wireless signal. Banshee provides us with a spell that makes most of us invisible so those of us unable to be stealthy can enter unseen. It does not take us long to find trouble. One group of men set up a barricade to block our path, but it barely slowed us down. Our target hoped to slow us down with smoke grenades, but my drone’s radar allowed me to ignore it. My Doberman paid the price, but we recovered the chip. We agree that waiting until morning will be the best way to leave unnoticed. I am still wired from the Longhaul and spend the time evaluating the chip and my poor drone.

April 2, 2072

>>We exit the ACHE and I rush off to work. Fortunately, the Longhaul is keeping me awake. After establishing that my commlink cannot read the chip we recovered and I will need some rather ancient hardware, I contact Harkness about obtaining one. Breaking the encryption takes a little time, but I only succeed in finding another encryption layer, one that cannot be broken. Some Searches reveal more information about the chip’s designer. Fortunately, I find out who she is and where to find her. After another awkward encounter where I attempt to purchase BTL from her, our investigations lead us to an abandoned corp building to find a device that will allow us to read the chip. One burned out commlink later, we get what we need and try to strike a deal with Jet Black’s representative. Naturally, another team was there to break up the party. Since the enemy of my enemy is my friend (or at least a casual acquaintance) we eliminate the interlopers and Jet Black’s team exits, stage left. I assume our temporary truce at the cemetery earned us a new enemy, but she’ll have to wait in line. We contact MacAllister, complete our job, and everyone is happy.

Hal's Journal

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