Hit List 1

Deuce is sitting in his apartment enjoying the last of his imported Mexican beer. Sounds of gunshots can be heard somewhere from the Seattle skyline, though probably much closer than he thinks. Though this is a normal evening in the barrens, screams and gunshots are the music in the air. Having just received an anonymous comlink message to his shadowrunning group line, Deuce contemplates his next move on a potential job.
Moments later he receives another message. An emblem of a red sun on a black background identifies the familiar caller. As Deuce expected the message is encoded. He quickly scans a sector of his head memory for the encryption key cipher for these sorts of messages.

Message recipient: ASSET 1
Target: Chan Ting Wong
Location: Harrison st & Dexter Ave. N. Icarus Descending
Time: 23:00 Wednesday Imminent
Handle Instructions: Zero Profile, Negative Return, Collateral Unacceptable.

Deuce knew what this meant; no payment was listed which means he owed them one. Zero Profile, no witness. Negative Return, dead by whatever means necessary. Collateral Unacceptable, don’t kill anyone else. A deep sigh as he looks at the blinking confirmation dialog on his AR display.

“It has been months, why now.”, he thought.

They would not compromise his position as they knew what value he held, so this must be important. They would only call upon him if there was no other choice. Which made his choice or lack thereof decided. He uploaded his confirmation.

The information from the message was automatically stored in his head memory as the image faded and disappeared. Deuce stood up and took a last swig of his beer, setting the empty bottle on the counter. With a mental command the side of his cyberleg opened to reveal a hidden compartment. He picked up his heavy pistol from the counter. The moment it made contact with his palm his ammo indicator showed full, with a fluid motion he slipped the gun into the hidden holster and the compartment retracted back into his leg. After loading several clips into his jacket, he threw on his long coat and step towards the door.

An AR icon showed up with a search request for Icarus Descending. Returning details of Seattles first and finest Elven dining. Asking him if he would like to make a reservation.

“Looks like I’ll be having some elven food tonight.”, he muttered as he stepped out of the door.


Deuce slouches into his coach as he sets down a bottle of fine elven wine on the coffee table. A slight blood smear is visible across the label reading Chateu Haut-Brion 2002. He triggered his auto-injector to administer a shot of pain-killer into his system. With a soft sound of escaping pressure, the dose was injected into his blood stream. Deuce took a breath as he felt the immediate effects.

Another mental command his cyber holster opens and he retracts his heavy pistol. An AR overlay records his ammo count as 28 out of 30. He sets the pistol down next to the bottle of wine.

He looks at the counter where he set down his bottle of beer hours ago, then down at the bottle of wine. He gives a slight chortle and grin, “I may not have gotten paid, but I’m sure going to enjoy this.”, he thinks as he reaches for the bottle and pops the cork with one spur. As he starts to drink he calls up his team to see how the job is going and if they still need him.

Hit List 1

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