Ork Rights Commision

Opposite the political spectrum of the Humanis Policlub is the Ork Rights Commission or ORC, originally established as a grass-roots organization to support the cause of equal rights and fair treatment for those affected by UGE (they understandably don’t care for the term “goblinization”). Since its start almost fifty years ago, ORC has grown from a local political movement to a national organization. At least a part of that growth is owed to the increased interest in “ork culture” in North America and elsewhere, ironically mostly from media that ORC vocally opposed as exploitative and grossly stereotyped.

One of the Commission’s greatest successes has been helping to get Or’zet recognized as an official and legal language and a part of “ork cultural heritage.” They sponsor language classes and teaching programs to help learn the language, focusing primarily on orks, but open to other races.

A charitable non-profit organization, ORC is funded by private and public donations, including support from the Empowerment Coalition and some corporate sponsors. In particular, Evo has been a major contributor, along with IIN and Eta Engineering. ORC publishes an annual “report card” on the treatment of metahumans in business, grading corporations on their hiring, training, education, and promotional practices. They also serve as a media watchdog group, along with the Metahuman Anti-Defamation League (MADL), bringing attention to positive and negative portrayals of metahumans in the media.


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