Hermetic Order of the Auric Aurora

The largest local hermetic magical group in Seattle, the Hermetic Order of the Auric Aurora (HOAA) was actually founded before the Awakening, in the 1990s. At the time, it was just a bunch of harmless cranks who liked to get together and talk magical theory and trade crystals or something. It’s an open question who was more surprised when 2011 rolled around and the magic started working for real: the Order or their detractors.

These days, the Order is a serious scholarly organization for mages. The members devote themselves to furthering the Great Work (that’s magic for you mundanes). They also get together sometimes to help out with magical problems, like protecting communities on the outskirts of the Barrens from the odd wizzergang and doing a little ghost-busting. The Order’s reputation for civic-mindedness makes them okay in the eyes of most mundanes and gives them some cachet with the metroplex government.

The current leader of the Order is Dylan Pike. The Order operates out of Pike’s home, a sizable storefront Downtown near Pacific University. The basement serves as ritual space for the Order. The ground floor is the Blue Moon lore store. Living quarters are upstairs. Members receive a 25 percent discount at the store.

The Order prefers a quiet, scholarly approach to magic and frowns on violent shadowrunning. Healing and magical assistance to the needy are the principal pursuits of the members, along with study and initiation.

  • That doesn’t mean the order doesn’t have any shadowrunners as members; they do (although I can’t say who). They just frown on violent shadowrunning. It doesn’t matter a whit to them if you rip off the corps or anyone else, so long as you don’t involve the Order and you only use magic for self-defense. Wetwork and magical forms of murder are sure to get you expelled from the Order, if not cursed by your fellow mages.
  • Ethernaut
  • I heard the Illuminates of the New Dawn offered Pike a chance to join them, or to make the Order a chapter of the Illuminates. He told them very politely to fuck off and die.
  • Kat o’ Nine Tales
  • The HOAA does not get along with the Order of Merlyn at all. I wouldn’t say there’s open warfare between the two groups, but just about everything short of it. It’s more than just the Aurora members frowning on the Merlyns’ activities (which they do), there’s bad blood there going back a ways.
  • Star Loner

Hermetic Order of the Auric Aurora

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