The Mafia ruled the Seattle underworld, centered around the Downtown and Tacoma docks and the smuggling business, for years. So long that the Families got complacent, and, by the time the Yakuza began to move in on their turf, it was almost too late for them to respond. They took some serious losses from the Japanese gangsters in those days, up to and including the death of Patrick Finnigan, the don of The Finnigan Family and capo of Seattle.

The Commissione, the council of dons, installed Brian O’Malley, Finnigan’s cousin, to head up the family. After the Yakuza killed him as well, his younger brother James stepped in and finished what Brian started. The Mafia finally stopped losing ground to the Yaks and established a fragile peace. James reigned as capo of Seattle for years until he was assassinated, supposedly from within his own organization, beginning a long struggle for control of the Three Families.

Maurice “The Butcher” Bigio emerged as the victor and new capo of Seattle because the Commissione was unwilling to grant the position to a woman—James’ daughter, Rowena O’Malley, now head of the Finnigan Family. But Bigio was assassinated just a couple years ago, leaving the syndicate little choice but to recognize O’Malley as capa of Seattle. Since then, Dona O’Malley has been consolidating her power base and reorganizing Mafia interests in Seattle. With a considerable amount to prove, it’s a good bet that the holding actions of Don Bigio are over and the Mafia will be going on the offensive once again.

Mafia Families in Seattle


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